My Clients

It's all about trust.

I choose to work with clients I will be with for a  long time.  The real work can only begin after a level of trust is reached.

an orthodontist with 2 busy offices (2012-present):

I have put this orthodontist and his staff at ease be handling their IT needs. I am there in an emergency and for long term planning. I removed their dependency from expensive servers while merging the two offices’ databases with a cloud based solution for their practice management software.

an industry trade group (1998-present):

When I first started with this group, they were trading files by floppy disk within the office and and sending out fed-ex and faxed reports to their members, daily.  I was called in at first to fix a Macintosh computer.  I ended up developing a custom web solution to turn their paper and faxed based deliver to electronic.  I set up their first office network.  Throughout the years, I’ve tackled such projects as setting up a podcast studio with telephone interview capabilities.  They know when they have a technical need, problem or question, they can come to me.

Brian really created all aspects of our IT system and has been there over the years to adapt and update what we do… He’s always done the work in a timely, cost-effective and efficient way. He’s remarkable.” – Paul Estok, General Counsel at Harness Tracks of America

a Tucson, Arizona city department (1998-2010):

I installed hardware and software, planned IT purchasing, and was on-call whenever they needed my help.  They had and used the latest in graphic design technology.  I worked with them from 1998 until the city closed their department in 2010.

an engineering and environmental consulting firm (2005-present)

This firm hired me to build a web site and then a private web portal for their employees to communicate.  I developed and hosted the system and have been supporting it since.

I’ve worked with Brian for more than two years. He created an internal employee intranet site that he updates for us regularly. I highly recommend him for web-based solutions. He’s provided excellent customer service and is great to work with!” – Candy Parkhurst, Administrator at Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc.

an advertising and public relations firm (2006-present)

This firm specializes in servicing government, transportation and energy. With no in-house IT staff, I am called on for specific projects as well as for general consulting. I built a custom communication portal and a public web site for a major road project in Tucson involving many government agencies and private firms.

Brian, unlike most web developers, knows how to listen to what the client wants and deliver, on time (!), the product and services that were requested. He is personable and a hard worker. I can’t recommend him highly enough and would hire him again any time.” – Rick Kaneen, VP Kaneen Advertising and Public Relations.

a boutique hotel management firm (2005-2011)

This group managed a series of hotels along the west coast and in Tucson. When I started, they were looking to work with someone on web strategy and implementation. With the marketing director, we built a team of professionals from graphic design and search engine optimization to copy-writing and direct email. I was right at the center of that team working on strategy, implementing designs, and working with the other professionals. After moving to Connecticut, I handed this account to another firm.

Although his role is that of an outside contractor, Brian approaches his work truly as a partner. Brian is responsible and accountable, eager to know the results of everything we do together. Maybe it’s him. Maybe it’s because his is a small business. But the personal, vested interest Brian takes in our business is a difference-maker.” – Ed Schwitzky, SVP Sales & Marketing, Coastal Hotel Group

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