Securing Your Photos

cloud security

It’s been all the over the news lately.  Celebrity photos have been hacked.  It’s actually not a difficult hack to pull off.  But you can protect yourself.  Apple’s iPhones and iCloud backups were the target of this latest breach. The potential for stollen data, or in the case of shopping and banking, actual stollen money, is there with any internet connected device.  Even when you don’t think you are in the cloud, you are probably in the cloud.  And that could be a very good thing.  But learn how to protect yourself.  Learn how to enable two-factor authentication on all services that allow it.  Learn how to use a password manager to create and maintain unique and complex passwords for every site without having to remember them.  In the iPhone’s case, you may want to consider turning off iCloud backup until Apple does something about tightening that security.  I imagine they will do something soon after this latest breach.    Contact me to analyze your situation and advise how to proceed.

Brian Bynes IT Consulting