Introducing Residential Service

for you, your family and your home

I have been servicing small business’s IT needs for 17 years. Never before have I thought it worthwhile to bring my skills and services to the home…until now. The amount of technology around each of you, your families and your homes is staggering. The power in the palm of your hand is 1,000 greater than the power of the computer that fit in a room when I went to college. The services, devices, plans, connections and all the intricacies of the tech around you can overwhelm. You can also be using it more efficiently and to greater good. This is not about putting more tech around you. This is about maximizing what is around you for yourself and your family. This is about letting the technology disappear when it needs to and be useful when you need it.

My focus in business consulting has been to learn the business needs of each particular company and match the technology to them. In the same way, my goal with residential will be to discover what you and your family want, need and can do with technology. I will offer plans and advice. I will install and configure technology for you. I will find the wiz in your family, child or adult, to work with so he or she can work together with me and maximize your family’s ability to self-service while giving that person valuable skills. And I will be on call to handle problems as they arise.

Please call me if you are interested at 860-341-1759. Explore my new service at And please share this with anyone you know who may be interested.

Brian Bynes IT Consulting