Holiday Tech Help Gift Package

Give the gift that ties it all together.

New phones, New tablets, New computers, New TV, A Spotify gift card, Amazon Prime membership….

Your family and friends may get some of these great gifts during the holidays. You can get them the gift that ties it all together. Help them set things up right. Help them learn how to use each of these gifts along with the tech they already have to their maximum potential.

Here’s the package:

For $200 (a $255 value,) you will be gifting 3 hours of consulting, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting. And as a “thank you” gift to you, I’ll give you an hour of the same for you and your family.

Service area: up to 1 hour from Coventry, Connecticut
Commute time never charged.

Read more about my residential service here…

So call me at 860-341-1759 or email me at to prepare your gift!

Brian Bynes IT Consulting