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Holiday Tech Help Gift Package

New phones, New tablets, New computers, New TV, A Spotify gift card, Amazon Prime membership…. Your family and friends may get some of these great gifts during the holidays. You can get them the gift that ties it all together. Help them set things up right. Help them learn how to use each of these [Read More...]

Introducing Residential Service

I have been servicing small business’s IT needs for 17 years. Never before have I thought it worthwhile to bring my skills and services to the home…until now. The amount of technology around each of you, your families and your homes is staggering. The power in the palm of your hand is 1,000 greater than [Read More...]

Shellshock Bash Bug

What is it? The so called “Shellshock” bug was created a long time ago (1993) in a software called “Bash.”  Bash is used in many systems including web servers, routers, Mac OS, and possibly Android.  This bug has been out there, but not discovered until September 24, 2014. Since then, private and government hackers have been [Read More...]

Securing Your Photos

It’s been all the over the news lately.  Celebrity photos have been hacked.  It’s actually not a difficult hack to pull off.  But you can protect yourself.  Apple’s iPhones and iCloud backups were the target of this latest breach. The potential for stollen data, or in the case of shopping and banking, actual stollen money, [Read More...]

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